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Improve your cyber security solutions and stay up to date on new data. Thanks to our active threat analysis and Virus-free service we can create our own extensive database of current and potential security risks, which we offer as reputation data or samples to our clients.

How you can use reputation data

Our reputation data helps to improve the analytic abilities of your active security solution. The more data you have, the better and more informed your response can be. With us, you now you have the possibility to source your data from the experts who have worked in cyber security for more than 10 years.

We can provide you with a supply of valuable information and logs which you can implement into your cyber security solution. This allows you to expand your knowledge about cyber security threats coming from the internet, and develop effective prevention plans.

With our data feed you can find out if an IP address is legitimate and not a botnet, or whether it’s a clean or infected source, putting you at risk of spam or viruses.

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