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Email security

Virusfree.cz is an unrivalled email threat detection service which help you solve your problem with spam and viruses. It involve highly effective, intelligent, and trusted antispam and antivir. It secures your email against botnets, ransomware, phishing, whaling and other types of malware and cybersecurity threats.

How does it work

Due to the combination of technologies included within Virusfree.cz, the service's threat identification capabilities are ten times more accurate than other email security solutions.

Virusfree.cz employs a multi-layer filter to guarantee accuracy and reduce the possibility of mistakes and missed detections to a minimum. The service also utilises a unique AI botnet detector that assists in the identification of malicious IPs, as well as threats originating from those IPs. The interaction between these two technologies means Virusfree.cz can recognise threats where other services don’t.

When you will need Virusfree?

Virusfree.cz is best used to protect your email server from cybersecurity threats. Many security breaches originate in a compromised email opened by an unsuspecting employee. The opening of this malicious email results in the theft of personal data or financial resources. The right email security solution minimises the possibility of a security breach, protecting your organisation from attack.

Virusfree.cz can also be used to declutter company email systems that are being over-run by spam and unwanted messages. With intelligent filter capabilities, it ensures that only legitimate emails reach your inbox and that no false positives are recorded.

Finally, Virusfree.cz goes a long way to securing your company’s reputation. By protecting your outbound emails with globally accepted encryption standards (such as TLS), as well as other encryption technologies (DKIM, DMARC, SPF), it significantly reduces the opportunities for third-party abuse.

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